Una’s Camino-where will I go next-follow me to find out!

I have booked my flights. I leave on the 18th April and fly to Biarritz. I will get a train to Hendaye/Irun. I will start to walk on Thursday 19th April. I have a flight booked to come home on Thursday 24th May. This gives me 35 days to walk 870km.

I have some information gathered from reading various forums and blogs and will post links to those here. I have a great Guide to the Northern Ways published by the Tourism Euskadi, a free pdf download. I have ordered the CSJ’s guides 1 & 2 to the Camino Del Norte.

This route is the Coastal Route. So I will get the chance to swim many days, I hope. I take a chance in walking in April as there are many storms on the Bay of Biscay at this time of year.

3 Responses to “Una’s Camino-where will I go next-follow me to find out!”

  1. Matthew Wilson at 9:13 pm #

    Legend. 🙂

  2. Deirdre Forsyth at 9:41 pm #

    HI Una hope it all goes well for you. Enjoy and take good care of yourself. Deirdre Forsyth


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    […] knew the Camino del Norte would be rainy, but a recent post by friend, Una, from the Internet forum I help moderate, gives me pause: I wonder who thinks that a pilgrimage […]

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