A summary of the highlights and Advice for other walkers….(at my peril),

17 May

Seville. I stayed at Hostal Sierpes and would recommend it if you want a single room and peace and quiet and to be near the Cathedral so you can get 8am/8.30am Mass. You do need to get a Taxi though to bring you there, it is hard to find initially.

Stay a few days if you can, so much to see. Go out to Italica and come back by bus/stay night/afternoon and go back out and resume when you commence the Camino. Or do as I did a and get the bus to Guillena and commence again from there.Get the earliest bus you can.

Castilblanco. The days walk from Guillena is lovely.Until you hit the last stretch on the road,over 4km,make sure you have enough water and food with you..No BAR? (not sure about that). On arrival the Alberque is on your right behind filling station. Good place, beds are not the best though, there is a kitchen and the restaurant (RTE) across the road later offer a good meal.

Almaden, Horrible first 16km?on road. Many get a taxi to the gates of the Park. Walk from here is beautiful. But some people missed sign and climbed the wrong hill with bicycles!. The Alberque on the street is not advertised on the lists? and charged €10, the Juvenil is probably a better bet, though I got a room to myself, there is a kitchen, only one toilet and shower in same room for 12/16? places. Nice village, check way out the night before if you are going to Monasterio. There is a village in between. El Real and other walkers said Alberque was good with roof top terrace(not sure of name). I got lost twice on this stage, don’t start it in the dark and if some gates are open check which way the arrows would be pointing if they were closed.

Fuente. The alberque is closed. Stay in the Apartments-the arrows lead you there,it is the end of town. Not much choice of eating places? But those who ate Menu early said it was good.

Zafra. The Amigos Alberque is very nice but only one toilet. Others say the Convent (conversion) is good beds and bathrooms and shared meal, also near Plaza. Way in to Zafra signage is confusing.

More to followImage..



2 Responses to “A summary of the highlights and Advice for other walkers….(at my peril),”

  1. Margaret Murphy at 4:53 am #

    Hi Una,

    Well done on your amazing travels! Was looking for a bit of help actually. We will go out in September to finish our Camino, our fourth and hopefully final trek. We need to gt back to Astorga but are finding this extremely difficult to do without losing a lot of time. Have been trying to look on forums but all information very old? Nothing current. We were going to fly into Santiago and then travel by bus or train down to Astorga but wouldn’t arrive there til 2a,m, etc., due to only certain flight times, trains etc.

    Any ideas? Forums? Thanks a mill. Margaret

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