Lost without…

18 Apr

I have many reasons to give thanks. In no order of importance since before i started and now I am on my way
My Judy Hat..My Camino family from first Camino incl Judy from Denver. Judy sent me a hat the same as hers this summer. It is very wide brimmed with a long neck tail? It is a life saver in the mid day sun.
Packing light. I am actually going to send all 3rd items home . That is 2 t shirts pants bras 1 short..on every day..1 long..on all othrt times. Am keeping all socks. Few very thin pairs proving very useful.
One pair of smart wool socks with Toes! Abs brilliant for stoping small toe blisters.
Silk sleep bag. Big square one. Everyone should carry one.
.my merrell walking sandals new and brilliant.
Linen shirt..last minute addition for long sleeves and white colour..on all day every day and is no longer white but it will be on me till Santiago.
My daughter for coming to have aholiday with me.
Angels on the way…been lost and found.
Very few speak english. An aussie kathy, 3 great english long distance walkers all others german mostly few french one swiss..
I like to walk alone i can think in english! A long dayspenttalking french left my brain fried. Wish my spanish could get same practice but the Spaniards walk together and most dont understand me!

2 Responses to “Lost without…”

  1. Judy at 12:04 am #

    I am wearing my hat here in Denver in Camino solidarity

    • unadara at 10:06 am #

      Early mornings now very cool can see more Judy starts as I camino on…

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