Seville to Almaden de la Plata

11 Apr

I stayed 2 nights in the city and had great time sightseeing. I went to Santiponce and saw the Ancientcity of Italica. MY Camino started yesterday from Guillena. I would say it was unexpectedly heavenly. And the last 4kms Hell on a hot tarmac roadway. Photos of flowersto follow if i can find a pc. Got to get an ipad. Wifi everywhere impossible to write with this smallkey pad.. so goodmeal last nightin Castilblanco. Beds were full and full of snorers but miracle I bought ear plugs on arrival and they worked but would not say anyone slept well. We were up and out by 6.30 to walk 30kms before the heat fried me/us. Hell again today first18km onroad but at least it was cool. Then beautiful 14km or so of cork trees wide path up to Calvary/verysteep hill. Here nowhaving a Clara trying to communicatebut not easy. Heat is crazy.

One Response to “Seville to Almaden de la Plata”

  1. Carol.beyer at 11:09 am #

    Hi Una Great that u are on the way, I wish I was travelling also, weather here turned cold and windy should send it your way!!!! Buen Camino and God speed XxxCarol

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