In Arzua, from Palas De Rei today..don´t remember this part from last year at all..

5 Oct

Last year we had started doing longer stages and left Melide very early to walk to Santa Irene. We are between those towns this time. We/I left this morning on my own. I passed through Melide at about 11am (in contrast to last year´s 6am). The path was not familiar at all. But last year we walked 2 hrs on it in complete darkness, I had a very bad fall (in the dark), and the first thing I remembered today was the Hotel where we eventually stopped and had coffee (2 large ones) which is actually in Arzua itself. Today I stopped in Riodiaso ? and had a very nice plato of eggs, chips and salad and the by now compulsory large Clara (shandy). I walked in the 2kms to meet the others who were here checked in, having walked many hours in the dark. Tomorrow we will walk past Santa Irene to Arca, another place I have not stayed in before.
Sun is out.
This pc has no usb for photos.

2 Responses to “In Arzua, from Palas De Rei today..don´t remember this part from last year at all..”

  1. Patricia A. Lynch at 3:20 pm #

    I haven’t been replying to emails or commenting on the blog, Una, but I have been following your posts and keeping all of you close to my heart throughout the day. Last year I was able to do a daily walk in solidarity, but this year need to stay close to home. I pray this has been a fruitful journey for you and your fellow pilgrims, Judy & Bob. Pilgrim-at-heart, Patricia

    • unadara at 3:17 pm #

      Many Thanks, it is very good for me to walk with Judy and Bob and see how families work! but the real eye opener has been Bob and his contact with george, a real experience for us all and very grateful for his presence.

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