Entered Galicia yesterday, on home stage..

1 Oct

Everything goes very well here. The Sun has come back too. Nice for today in Triacastela as we have a short day. Go to Sarria tomorrow. My legs hurt a little in bed at night but no other complaints, after all I choose to walk this Camino, knowing what it involves. The company is very good and we walk well together or alone, whichever. There are many people walking but Judy says the crowds they had early on have disappeared, where to ? maybe not doing whole route in one go, back to work or study.The soups in O Cebreiro were amazingly good, as was the guiedemada ? orrocco ? aquidermentia ? I asked in my “fluid” spanish for the tarte santiagos to be flambed with the liquor as we had this before, the waiter thought I asked for the liqour and brought us out a bowl which he then lit and got Bob to stir and ladle for up to 10 mins, we then drank it and shared it with some other diners, a good laugh had by all, but Mike reckons the alcohol would be burnt off by the flames..who knows, we slept well one way or the other!

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