It is good to walk with Judy, Bob and George

29 Sep

We are in Villafranca Del Bierzo. Walked all the way from Molinasecas on my own. I don´t want to walk in the dark and see no need, except for getting a bed at the other end, today we had made reservations. Tomorrow we go to the top of the mountain, O Cebreiro to stay in the Municipal Alberque, Do you remember that Ed ? this post is for you.

Bob, Judy´s brother is holding up a large glass of wine, behind him is George, he is a Belgian who has walked 10 Caminos, walked this time from his own door, and is deaf and signs, Bob can sign some as his first wife was deaf, so George has for the first time in 10 Caminos made a friend he can talk to. Judy and I try to talk too, today George said, Una likes her food, I told him (via Bob) he was winding me up, looking for a “slap”.

One Response to “It is good to walk with Judy, Bob and George”

  1. Margaret Murphy at 10:57 pm #

    Sounds fabulous Una. Cant wait to get back. You’ll have finished three walks and we only still going back for third leg of our first Camino, but everyone’s journey is different and it’s great to hear from people that we met first time around. Didn’t really have same experience with people second time out, met great people but all fleetingly. Continue to enjoy and regards to Judy. Margaret & Herbert.

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