where am I ?

26 Sep

I have walked many days through fields, campos where there are no persons, no bars, no food, no other persons.I have to say I like it. today we meet many persons and I wonder?
I am now in Foncebadon on the Camino Frances. I am with judy and Bob, her brother and their friend a Belgian man, George who walks his 10th Camino, and is Deaf. He signs and is very good at explaining to others what the signing means. There are many people on the camino, but because I left Astorga (walking) today really late (12pm-mid day) I met very few people. Judy and Bob get up real early and are in a mass of other persons walking. So we will walk a few days and see how it goes. Tomorrow we go to the Cruz (highest point) and it is nice to see it in the light, so we breakfast here in this nice alberque. We had paella and salad tonight, a communal dinner, very good, and a jug of wine. There are many Americans here now, talking! and many Germans too. And a few irish!

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