Segovia to a no horse town, then on to Santa Maria, 7 in Alberque, then another day of 18kms no cafe no bar no food..

20 Sep

Segovia was great as you may have seen from the photos. Then on to Ane, stopped at a bar to have a coffee at 10am. We didn´t eat as we had 2 small pieces of pan toasted in Hostal before we left at 8am. We walked on to Ane , lovely fields and countryside. Into Ane looking for a beer. It is a very small one horse town, the guides say, a bar, an alberque, get the keys from the Mayor. Well the horse has left town. No bar except Sunday, no Tienda/shop/ aka no we could not stay in the Alberque anyway. It was lucky I had cooked the night before and bought nuts and cheese and carried the left overs with me..some nibbles at least. Arrived in Santa Maria de real at 4.30. GASPING! 2 beers later we found the alberque and got last 2 beds. 7 in total. Made a nice change for me as Jose was able to speak to all others/Spanish and I was able to stop making an effort. Ha….not a joke really. Those who know me know I am inclined to be reclusive…like the quiet.
Had a meal chips,eggs, meat, salad. All for 5 euros. Wine 7 for the bottle, there was some silly soccer match on though and the bar with filled up with men shouting at the tv..I was first to bed. Slept a little but having many problems sleeping well.
On next day, stopped at bar for a coffee, I had some fruit bought as I didn´t want to starve again! and some chocolate and choccie biccies. Just as well, because though we stopped in Coca and ate pinchos and had a good tortilla breakfast the town we stayed in had no shop again. Good dinner again-exact same food, 11 euros with an ice cream. Breakfast was biscuits, ginger tea and bread left over from dinner. And then on 18kms to Alcazeren, no stops on the way.
It was a very good exercise in meditative walking, the long and winding road, never going to end..maybe..where am I going. I made up a little story of a buddhist monk.. One day his master says you are going for a walk. He brings him to the edge of a forest in Spain and says, I have only one instruction. Walk. The young monk walks. He admires the trees and the sandy path and he loses himself in contemplation. Then he begins to think. Where will the Master collect me. Should I go back. If I go back and he is not there and I have to wait, he might say you were not walking. If I go forward he might not come and collect me and where will I stop, will I know when to stop and wait. The young monk is walking…
I am in Alcazeren and going to buy some food in the supermarket so if I have to tomorrow I can stay all day in the forest walking. And enjoy..
Even though it is a short day, it is long (Zen) haha…

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