From Jose and Theresa´s house in Madrid to Hostal in Cercedilla and now in Segovia

17 Sep

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The police in Cercedilla had told jose that it was possible to sleep in the sporting hall and that they would give let pilgrims in. Now we arrive and say no, not possible. There is youth hostel 2kms out the road, we say that is closed, they say no, but there is a hostal in town that is not too dear. So, with 3 other young pilgrims we all walk the 2 up, 2 back as it is closed and stay in the Hostal we passed earlier, we pay 15euro each. The walk was amazing from Manzanarea. if I could compare it it was like walking through a desert, probably what they would use for the old western locations. Very..Very hot. The hill out of Cercedilla is steep and the long walk in to Segovia would make a very long day…we go sight seeing in Segovia instead, and I am very glad.

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