There is more than one way to skin a cat..i will add more information later, off to Misa now

15 Sep


We are leaving Madrid tomorrow to walk our third stage of the Camino Madrid. When I walked the Camino Frances it was with a very fixed attitude regarding buses, trains or automobiles (taxis etc). Today I was in a bus and a car, yesterday a few trains!. Just to get to the start and back from the end you understand. I know for a fact though I am not rigid anymore in my outlook. Why should my camino be any better, worse than anyone else if I walk every entire km of 800kms or if I want to stay on and take more photos or go to a fiesta and catch up by bus tomorrow, why not ? So todays etape (stage) was entirely through countryside like Ireland, many stone walls, many cows, lots of trees too surprisingly. All the rivers have dried up though. The ground was very sandy and dry, not like Ireland. And then into view comes Manzanares an old city built into the cliffs. Tomorrow we go back and head for Cercedilla. I am just about getting to grips with the placenames but living with Spaniards and understanding very little has lead to a few mistakes on my part. But my fault I should know more Spanish. Jose and I will each learn a little more of our respective languages , that will be good for both of us. Hope all is well at home.

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