Madrid tomorrow, Camino Friday, Santiago 8th Oct ?

13 Sep

I meet, or rather Jose and Theresa meet me tomorrow at the airport in Madrid. We walk Friday and hope to join up with the Camino Frances in 13 days time. I may need to get a bus to catch up on my American Camino friends as they seem to be starting out at a very quick pace.Maybe I could pray for a few blisters for them….never… I don’t think Judy could get a blister. We all agreed that on our first Camino (last year) that Judy looks like a very famous movie star. Jamie Lee Curtis. And for a while I wondered ? after all Shirley MacLaine has very publicly walked the Camino. Now if only Michael Palin and Kevin Kline and the maestro himself John Cleese were to sleep in the bed beside me in the next alberque…well the bag is packed , very fully, sticks are in it, and a few books, they will be left behind in Madrid ?

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