Memories flooding back

7 Sep

Bob and Judy first photo from Camino trip, in Madrid

I got a comment from Margaret today. Margaret and her husband Herbert met Judy and I for the first time at Larrasoana. Judy and I also met that night for the first time.
“The Camino goes downhill towards Zubiri, however the actual Camino does not cross the River Arga into the town, though most pilgrims do. It is a good sized town with a few bars and cafes, it also has pilgrims hostels, (there is also an outdoor swimming pool near the main Albergue). Many pilgrims stop here rather than continuing to Larrasoana, I would rather carry on. The worst part of today’s route is the remainder, passing some garish factories and climbing out of Zubiri.”
The town of Zubiri has a great tienda, grocery store, bar, lunch stop, artisan products.
If Judy and Bob get to read this check out this town for a nice break. I will assume that you are carrying on and hope you get a good bed and perfect communal dinner as we did last year. And hope you meet up with as nice Irish peoples! too.
An Irish couple Ted and Geraldine turned left instead of right into Larrasoana and we saw them again in Cizur Menor. They had a hard time finding someone to understand the strong Cork accent, no spanish…but they did survive.

One Response to “Memories flooding back”

  1. Heidi Champlain at 2:24 am #

    Hello Una! Thank you for all of the wonderful information. I look forward to reading more of your posts…Enjoy your trip! ~Heidi

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