They’re flying Aer Lingus from Washington and they’re on the way…to Camino Frances and to meet me…

5 Sep


Judy and Bob, sister and brother are on their way to Spain as I post. The photo of Judy attached was taken last year in Leon as we walked together on the Camino Frances. This year Judy walks with brother Bob. I intend to meet them after Sahagun on completion of the Camino Madrid. I will walk the Camino Madrid with another Camino friend from 2011, Jose Antonio Tomes (Salvador). I don’t fly out until next Thursday (week away) and I am not prepared or ready or fit. I also will be leaving behind my husband Garry with a leg in a plaster cast as he is being treated for a ruptured Achilles Tendon. Will he be able to feed himself and the 2 dogs while I am gone. Am I mad ? He is very disappointed not to be going but understands the attraction of meeting up again with old camino friends ??

Buen Camino to Judy and Bob and Hello to Heidi in USA who is going to keep family and friends up to date with each day’s news. 

2 Responses to “They’re flying Aer Lingus from Washington and they’re on the way…to Camino Frances and to meet me…”

  1. Margaret Murphy at 7:53 am #

    Have a ball Una. I remember the first time we met Judy in Lassarona, first time I tried pascharan (phonetic spelling!). Nearly. Year ago now and so much has happened since then. Enjoy and take care. Margaret.

    • unadara at 5:04 pm #

      Thank You for your kind words. I will see does Judy remember that night, the next morning she woke to find everyone else had left! That never happened again…Judy is an early bird…and Garry likes to leave well before sunrise too..wonder what Jose and I will do, the Spaniards are not anxious to get finished early as they enjoy the heat. I may have to find a tree for a siesta..

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