Rev Sandy Brown asked me How did I decide so quickly which Camino to walk next. He’ll enjoy this post

29 Jul

I have been reading posts on as I hoped to return there to do this Camino. I completed the Camino Norte on the coastal route, many divert to the Primitivo. I asked Johhnie Walker for advice and he pointed me in the direction of Laurie. Laurie walked from Leon along a path called Camino Salvador, joined up with the Primitivo in Oviedo and then walked this Way also.

So I intend to walk Camino Madrid as far as Sahagun, go back a little to Moratinos to stay at the Peaceable Kingdom, walk on to Leon (hopefully with Judy/Denver). From Leon on the Salvador (4/5 days) to Oviedo and then on the Primitivo to Melide (hope to meet Judy here again/maybe) and on to Santiago.

So three Caminos more this year!

Who knows, I might change these plans again. Garry has an appointment for his achilles injury at end of August (Irish Health Service, this is a private appt). He hopes to go too, at least as far as Sahagun/Leon. Anyone want to look after 2 dogs?

2 Responses to “Rev Sandy Brown asked me How did I decide so quickly which Camino to walk next. He’ll enjoy this post”

  1. revsandybrown at 5:51 pm #

    OK, I get it now. You’ve met Laurie. She’s amazing! Laurie suggested the Camino Primitivo to me this year, but I opted to do it some other time and instead stuck with the Camino del Norte, as you know. She told me this summer that after many alternate caminos she may be ready to do the Camino Frances again, just to enjoy a “normal” camino. I get what she means . . . maybe I’ll alternate with an different camino every other year and the CF in between. Buen camino to you, Una!

  2. unadara at 6:16 pm #

    My swimming friends are “afraid” I am now obsessed! bring it on I say ,if I can-I will. And def CF again too….

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