Friends influencing future plans…choices to make ?

18 Jul

This is a mail from my Camino friend from Camino Frances last Sept/Oct (2011), she lives in Denver, Colorado.

Hello Una – I hope this finds you well. I’ve been thinking of your sister , and I hope she’s doing as best can be. ,,,

It’s July, and the 2012 Camino plans are pretty solid. My brother Bob and I will travel to Madrid on 9/6 arriving on Friday 9/7. We’ve got train reservations that same day up to Pamplona and then we will bus up to Roncesvalles. We decided to do the Frances – since it has the most facilities and this is Bob’s first go. ….

He’s already got three stones he’s carrying with him for the iron cross. He’s been walking about 3-4 days a week with pack. I now need to get caught up on the training.

I would love to see you on the trail if you’ve a mind to walk some more. I realize there are so many things I did not see, and look forward to staying in a different towns and taking a few different paths. I am really wondering what the Camino will hold for me this time, knowing it will be a much different experience. Bob is afraid I will walk too fast, but I don’t think that’s the case. He’s a big guy – he’s already lost some weight and is down to 290 lbs. He’s tall at 6’4”, and I don’t want him to hurt himself early in the process. (I think of Garry and his knees after the first day from St Jean PdP).

I’ve told Bob we’d probably walk our own paces and just meet up in towns at the end of the day. If you want to walk with me/us, I’m going to work really hard on ‘being quiet…..’ I’m getting my prayer list together and starting to think about what I want to think about and focus on. Of course, the Camino will probably take me in the right direction ..

Anyway – starting on September 8 (Saturday) from Roncesvalles. Walking the Camino Frances to Santiago. Oh My. We need to be back home by Oct 15.

On my desk for the last two weeks has been a small crinkly sweet wrapper – miel y limon – I found it in a backpack pocket. It was probably one of the sweets Garry was handing out. I just keep looking at it, thinking of all the small little kindnesses the camino provided. I think of the camino button/tack you bought me. I remember Puenta la Reina and Estella and that glorious church in – was it Navarette outside of Logrono? I know this walk will be different – but it’s hard not to be excited all over again.

Stay healthy. Enjoy the ocean. Say hello to Garry and the doggies for me. Hope your son and daughter (and your grandson) are all well.

Buen Camino always, friend Una!

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