Camino Frances v Madrid ? Jose or Judy , and Bob!

18 Jul

Hello Judy What can I say,I am oh my god! I want to go too.
Here are a few thoughts I have to consider or not? Garry has a torn achilles and awaits treatment, he may not walk distances again this year. If I go it will be 3rd Camino in 12months period. Jose and wife Teresa left this morning for home, spent 7 days here, he wants/is going to, walk Camino Madrid in Sept. I would like to walk another different Camino. I also would like to walk Frances, see the things I missed, stay in different places also. I now have 2 plans ? I would be good with you and Bob, company of friends, I would be good with Jose too but a man/woman together ? his wife ? my husband haha..
I now go to think…..
I will no doubt bombard you with musings.
I would like very much if you could share any plan with me, ideas of route, distances, different places to stay.
The Camino Madrid meets the Frances in Bercianos/Sahagun. This is near where you went on, I got sick, then met again in Leon.
Perhaps we could walk together from Leon again ?
I am mad as a hatter and glad to know you are too…
Send me the thoughts ..
ps They’ll miss me when I’m gone,,,

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