what is a pilgrimage really about ?

19 May

I have reached Santiago De Compestella on the Camino Del Norte. I have walked about 800kms. It is difficult to really say the distance as some days one has to stay on the road or take a diversion. I have been walking for 28 days. I can´t get home until my booked flight until Tuesday.  I want to get home. The reasons people walk a Camino are very different. I walked into the Cathedral yesterday and saw many priests in the Confessional boxes. Last year I did not see this. I asked was it possible to receive absolution in Ingles and it was. So for me this was a high moment.  I have some one on my side, my Camino friends from last year know what this is like. This year I was lucky again to gain 3 Camino friends. We all walked well together. But when I took off like a diesel train on the last day into Santiago my friends could not believe it. I could not believe it. My legs were like new. I could hear the Santiago calling. (at home I hear Bulmers!)

I will probably not post again until I make plans for next year. (We hope to walk Portugues together in April)

I will amend my photo blogs and let all my friends know how things go at home.
We got a Misa this morning at 8.30 beside the cafe we intented to have breakfast in, the locals were going to Fatima on pilgrimage. It was just us and them.. blessed. adios.

5 Responses to “what is a pilgrimage really about ?”

  1. revsandybrown at 5:29 pm #

    I’m so glad you had a meaningful camino, Una. I’ve followed your postings and photos very closely since I leave in just 8 days now — on Pentecost I fly to London, then on to Bilbao to begin there. Your walk sounds like it was intense and rewarding.

    I know what you mean about staying longer than planned in Santiago. Have you considered heading out to Finisterre/Muxia for some reflection? My walk there last year was very enjoyable.

    Buen camino in your return back to home, friends and church!

    • unadara at 11:39 am #

      I read my last post with some dismay as I pray for more patience in all things. We have had great discussions in our group about the discussions some pilgrims have (if you know what I mean). I look forward to reading your progress. My posts have been on the Parish website and I hope everyone enjoyed them. I also hope i have not put anyone off taking the first steps on a Camino adventure.

  2. jnoval at 6:52 pm #

    I have read your posts with great interest. Quite a great adventure. I was wondering how much you spent on food and albergues. I am planning my own Camino del Norte. Thx. JN

  3. Lourdes at 7:39 pm #

    Hey Una I can only imagine how you feel. 🙂 I have been following you all the way and I only wish I could leave everything behind and go 🙂 Love and hugs 🙂

  4. Angelika Renger at 9:30 am #

    Hi Una You are a true pilgrim in every sense. It;s been great reading your progress with all the pains and fun and laughter and making friends that is what it is all about I suppose and getting to know yourself. So congratulation and soon you will be home. Om Shanti Angelika

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