We have started counting down the days to Santiago and thinking of flights home too

10 May

The last few days have been very pleasant walking and the SUN has been shining. But Carlos has left us. He walks only to Ribadeo this time as he is back to classes on Monday. 4 of us remain and it looks like we will stay together. We have been lucky with the Alberques, the Camino Associacions (friends) have some good old schools converted and they require a donation or 5euro only. Facilities are very basic. They also are out of the small towns a bit so you need to eat first or bring food, many have no kitchens. We have managed to cook 3 times, same each time Spaghetti with sauce. We have 5 more days before we head South for Santiago and we hope to spend a bit of time on the last beach today. There has been much discussion among some of the pilgrims about the difference between the Camino Frances and the Norte. The route from Aviles to Soto was very difficult, but we find now we get more satisfaction at the end of the day if the route has been hard. Some of the towns we pass through are wonderful and it would be nice to rest more and take more time seeing the sights BUT we have started to say "adbc". "adbe". etc etc..lovely churches, lovely ermitas, and a lot of Germans too. This is a joke as Carol is married to a german and is able to speak to most of the pilgrims, Ray and Akira have good spanish so they can talk to most people too. There are not that many people walking this route though.

One Response to “We have started counting down the days to Santiago and thinking of flights home too”

  1. jnoval at 11:01 am #

    Hello, I have been following your walk with great interest as we are planning our own Camino del Notre for next year. It looks like you have been deluged with all sorts of rain but the pictures are great. I was wondering how much money you have spent/budgeted for food and albergues? It would sure help to know. Thx and Buen Camino!!!

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