Camino is also changed by the weather systems..

2 May


In Ireland we set great store by the weather. Many believe our changeable weather accounts for our bad or good moods. This may apply out here in Spain, on the Camino also, though I am not a true believer in the thought. But I had begun to believe that this pilgrimage was not going to provide the same spiritual or personal gain that I had felt on the last one. Things have now changed as they do. A few days of walking provided a great variety of scenery and places to sleep at night. Firstly the scenery. Spain has fallen foul of the unfinished estates also. It is very sad to see at the side of an historic Camino path huge apartment blocks unfinished and ruining parts of the Northern coastal route. And then the path turned inward through small pueblos and farmsteads and small Ermitas and roadside crosses and I started to smile again. The sun came out also and the sunscreen with it. So sleeping at night, a second visit to a Monasterio, really in a converted dairy, but we got to attend a vespers that night and the Cistercians in Cobreces are one of the few in Northern Spain. We also stayed with the Nuns in their convent in Laredo, getting to the Mass that night to hear the Nuns singing (my friends said they sang out of key..I did not notice)!. The walking is tough and I am blessed with my companions. On the first day we met Carlos a young Portugese man who walks with us still. He is deeply spiritual and kind. We now have an older Japanese man with us too, he gets up at 4am and meditates and chants, his routine and manners are one of total acceptance, peace and tolerance. The young people love his attitude. My companions speak, Spanish, Portugese, German, Japanese, Arabic, English, French and un poco de Gaelic..I only speak a little Spanish, a little French and feel a little humble.

2 Responses to “Camino is also changed by the weather systems..”

  1. Margaret Murphy at 12:11 am #

    You are doing great Una. Think of Herbert and I when we head back to Estella next Tues to take up where we left off last Sept. miles to go but looking forward to the next leg of our adventure. Wonder what the weather will be like where we’re going? Good luck, will be following your progress.

  2. ken at 9:05 am #

    a thoughtful posting, do continue. . . . leave me wondering when i tread the Spanish pathways of the Camino again . . . . yearning . . . buen camino

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