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this link might work either for the album

29 May


My photos

26 May
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Camino De Norte
Apr 17, 2012

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A new up dated link for my edited album of photos.
If anyone would like more information on my Camino please just ask.
You can see from the photos that the Sun did shine.

You can also see all the beautiful beaches

and snow covered mountains we walked by.

Oh and some fine churches too!

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what is a pilgrimage really about ?

19 May

I have reached Santiago De Compestella on the Camino Del Norte. I have walked about 800kms. It is difficult to really say the distance as some days one has to stay on the road or take a diversion. I have been walking for 28 days. I can´t get home until my booked flight until Tuesday.  I want to get home. The reasons people walk a Camino are very different. I walked into the Cathedral yesterday and saw many priests in the Confessional boxes. Last year I did not see this. I asked was it possible to receive absolution in Ingles and it was. So for me this was a high moment.  I have some one on my side, my Camino friends from last year know what this is like. This year I was lucky again to gain 3 Camino friends. We all walked well together. But when I took off like a diesel train on the last day into Santiago my friends could not believe it. I could not believe it. My legs were like new. I could hear the Santiago calling. (at home I hear Bulmers!)

I will probably not post again until I make plans for next year. (We hope to walk Portugues together in April)

I will amend my photo blogs and let all my friends know how things go at home.
We got a Misa this morning at 8.30 beside the cafe we intented to have breakfast in, the locals were going to Fatima on pilgrimage. It was just us and them.. blessed. adios.

Sobrado Des Monxes-a gift of a day, walk was beautiful, stay here at the Monastery

18 May

yesterday, we took Camino Vello to Santa Irene

18 May

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We´re here..

18 May

Today we bask in the sunshine and enjoy a short walk

15 May

CarbelledoThis is us 4 suffering today. It is great to feel a bit of heat and have a little drink before our lunch (it is 11.30 hehe).

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