Well the weather outside is frightful and the Camino is delightful…

28 Apr

My time on the pc is limited and I want to bring everyone up to date so no pics today. We left Bilbao to Portugalete and a stay in a nice pension there, outside the town but near the Camino for the next days walk into Onton and Castro. Gale force winds out of Bilbao, nice days walk to Onton around the coast, I had been looking forward to this, but for my fellow Greystones residents the Bray Cliff walk is far better. For caminoists, the foot bridge on Playa de Arena was closed and no warning, my fellow walkers climbed over the bridge and barriers but I went back and around on the minor road bridge, so check this if you can. This meant i walked on my own for the day without meeting a single fellow pilgrim. That is strange as today we are a group again, not the 34 from Deba but about 10. We seem to be doing well on the kms front, and realise a lot of pilgrims are finding the conditions too tough. The alberque in Castro could be your favourite ? or your worst nightmare. 7 pilgrims were expelled, they went to watch the Portugal ? footie match and back at 11pm, were asked to remove their belongings and leave. There was no noise made as none of us in bed heard a thing, but the man is charge was very drunk and insulted a few young people and it was not good for the Camino. The group found a cheap pension and went out to celebrate their expulsion.!! Castro to Laredo and a wonderful walk and stay in a Convent there, le Trinidad. We walked a lot on the road as the warnings re mud and weather were now being heeded by everyone. Today however saw torrential rain but no muddy paths, we may have deliberately avoided them though. Everyone is tired. The boat today to Santona was short and unexpected ? pm me if you want to know. Now in Guemes, a wonderful place, but if you are not on the main Camino route you will spend hours looking for it (yes, yes, yes)!!. We wait now for our communal meal and head to Boo tomorrow. Feet are good, some peeling but no blisters. Sore ankle and legs but otherwise all well. We are all suffering from the cold, not enough clothes with us and everything getting wet through, yes we have goretex and covers and merino wool and layers but still. I am enjoying myself, no swim yet though. The suffering has already paid off in some ways and we have met some angels.
Got to go.

4 Responses to “Well the weather outside is frightful and the Camino is delightful…”

  1. Gavin at 8:12 pm #

    Well done Mum. Sounds like a great adventure! If that football match was on Tuesday night? then the owner was cranky because Barcelona got beat in the Champions league semi final….(there was no Portugal game). Good luck!

  2. Leslie at 5:03 pm #

    I really hope the weather gets better for you. I have moved to the CZ for the summer and friends in Ireland are telling me it is raining non-stop there but due to pass soon. All the best, Leslie

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