A little bit of information about the route

24 Apr

I hope that some pilgrims that are going to walk this Camino (Norte) will be interested in this. The path from Irun to San Sebastien is a good forest track, well signposted, with good coastal views. At one time you might think you are going the wrong way as the sea is on your left. The road down to the boat crossing is so steep both Carol and I walked down some of it backwards. The steps up from the boat are very steep, what goes down most go up! Then San Sebastien, what a promenade, gale force winds, hailstones all added to the atmosphere. We had to stay here in the Youth Hostel and there were a lot of very noisy kids there. However we ate in the local "jubilados" club, I had liver and onions and vegetable soup, wine, bread and water for ~6.50. (The only cheap food we have had so far). Next day Friday the Youth Hostels were full and we were all left high and dry!. We had to get a bus out to a private hostel, again we ate our bocadillos for dinner, but breakfast was good, with home made cake. The road from there (Zumaia/Santa Clara) was forest track for a while and then a very steep dangerous descent into Deba. We had not walked much but could not go on as there was no beds for another 25km. This is a difficulty on this Camino. We stayed at the Monastery after Markina, the path from there was practically impassable and all directions should have been to remain on the road. I intend to write to the CSJ on my return. Many people fell. There was no alternative but to wade through fields that had been flooded, the route beside a river may be dry at some stage during the year but I doubt it. One woman had to go to hospital with a broken rib. Our friend went home this morning as her sore knee could not react to pull herself out of the sucking! MUD. A japanese man boots fell apart from wet/mud and no place to dry clothes/boots etc. It has also been cold and Carol has a chest infection and my left leg is sore/tender (but ok). After 6 days we have had to adjust pre-prepared plans. The hostel at Morga outside Gernika was not answering the phone and again a group of us stayed at the local youth hostel, it was very good. Many found the day from Markina to Gernika so difficult that the walk into Bilbao seemed too much. A local tram came to the rescue today and we were able to walk a little, train a little and be tourists a little. Bilbao is very nice and many will stay here another night to see all the "culture". We continue on. Next post might let you know who we all are, an interesting lot.

2 Responses to “A little bit of information about the route”

  1. Deirdre Forsyth at 5:43 pm #

    Jeepers Una you are really doing a hard pilgrimage. Stay safe and hope the going gets a bit more comfortable for you. The weather here is dire today and forecast to be dire again tomorrow so no swim as the sea really rough. Take Care, Deirdre

    • unadara at 6:24 pm #

      I have had no chance to swim yet, sun good today but route was so long if I stopped to swim I would not want to go on. Hope all swimmers well

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