An Introductory article for Greystones Parish Website

14 Apr

A personal pilgrimage
Are you interested in pilgrimage. Do you wonder could you do a long distance walk to an ancient pilgrimage site ?. There are many options available for the modern pilgrim. One of our parishioners considers herself to be very priviliged to have completed a Camino to Santiago in 2011 and received her Compestela. She now goes forth on her second Camino, this time taking an alternative route. Follow her pilgrimage on this page and follow her physical and spiritual journey.
This quietly enchanting ancient yet vibrant city of cobbled streets and stone arches is the destination of thousands of pilgrims, on foot and bicycle and horse-back every year… from every corner of the world. They come to travel the Camino de Santiago…they come in search of Spain, of adventure, of cultural enlightenment, of spiritual growth and most will return home with much, much more.
Its appeal is far reaching and its effect is deep and long lasting. The centuries-old pilgrimage to Compostela along the Road to Santiago can start in many different places, many start from their own front door.
In 2011 I started from St Jean Pied de Port and walked (with my husband) the 870km or so to Santiago de Compestela. On April 18th I take a flight to Biarritz and a train to Irun where I commence the Camino De Norte hoping to walk 870km along the Coastal Ruta and arrive in Santiago 35 days later. At the moment I am busy preparing. I have my back bag packed, well I know what is going into it. My mind is not so well prepared. I am 53 and fairly fit. I travel alone this time. Last year we saw many people in their 60’s and 70’s walking alone, collecting their Compestelas (certificate) and declaring the best part was the individual satisfaction of being on their own, a challenge to their body, spirit, mind and soul. So I prepare for my solo pilgrimage with  hope, trepidation and many many prayers. I will stop at many sites along the way and think of everyone back home in Greystones, especially my familiy.
Check out for historical background and further information.
Check out my blog if you wish

2 Responses to “An Introductory article for Greystones Parish Website”

  1. Matthew Wilson at 9:15 pm #

    You’re brilliant Una.
    Can’t wait for the pictures.

    • unadara at 11:23 am #

      At this minute as I pack the bag (again) I am a nervous wreck. Just going for last swim in the Irish Sea.

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