A parishioner’s pilgrimage..

21 Mar

I have been very lucky to have access to the writings of my fellow bloggers/forum posters. There are one or two in particular who have posted about the Camino and Spirituality. I started a spiritual journey last September by attending a Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes. I went from Lourdes to St Jean Pied de Port and walked to Santiago De Compestela. My parish Communications group have asked me to write an article for the 2012 Annual Magazine. They would like to hear about the personal journey. I will include some links to the most useful sources of information and my favourite/influential contributors. As I go forth to walk again in April, the group intend to include a weekly update post on the parish website. Now I am under pressure, a live feed to the parish, and a photo or two if I can manage it.
So this post is my first attempt (since last year) at posting via gmail.
I will soon see does it hit the nail on the head! EDIT>>it worked, they gave me a new mail address but all in order.

The moon rising over the Cathedral in Santiago-this is where all roads lead to on the pilgrimage routes. This photo is not mine but I can’t find the credit I should attach, sorry fellow pilgrim.

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