New back pack is here..

20 Mar

I bought a new OMM 32L back pack. I borrowed a bag last year and felt I needed to get one that suited me for future Caminos, the priority being weight and comfort. I ordered a Lowe Alpine mountain marathon bag and had a chat on-line with Sil re my purchase. However the seller contacted me to say it was not in stock so I reverted to Sil’s recommended bag the OMM. As Sil is 5ft 3in, same as me..I hoped it would suit. And it does, I have not carried it fully laden yet but know that if I travel light it will be a good purchase. But I will comment further as it does look small and very light.

I walked a 16 mile hike on road and path last Saturday. I had 2 hot spots on the balls of my feet. But next day all was well. I did have my smart wool socks on and do think I will go back to the 1000 miles (new pairs of course). My feet get very hot.

My reading is going well. The guides from CSJ, Britain are well thumbed and I read MundiCamino as an online reference. The hostels/alberques are not very frequent on the Norte Way but the paths look good and the sea looks better.


One Response to “New back pack is here..”

  1. Margaret Murphy at 10:54 pm #

    Can’t believe you are on the road again Una. Well done. Hope all goes well. I will be watching your progress. No Gary this time?
    Thanks Margaret
    It is a busy time for his favourite pastime, golf. He hopes to do the Via De Plata later this year, if I’m lucky I might get to go too. He has no yen for the coastal route either, whereas my heart is beside the sea.

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