Which camera will I bring with me ?

12 Mar

The Canon 1200 ?
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-Digital-C … 783&sr=1-1

“The immediate attraction of this camera is that it has an optical viewfinder ~ not really a luxury but, these days, almost a surprise. The lcd screen is excellent but, in bright sun, the vf comes into its own.
The camera is compact enough to fit into a jacket pocket.” It takes 2 aa batteries and can fir into a little case on your hip belt. It takes good photos, you can use it in auto, easy or manual.

I bought this last year when I returned from my Camino and will bring it with me this April when I return to the Camino Del norte. Last year I brought my small pocket Olympus, however it had it’s own lithium battery and i had to carry a charger. In Viilafranca I had great pc access and uploaded lots of photos to my blog. I walked out next morning and left charger and battery behind!. No more photos.

It made me think ? I had no choice so I looked at the grain stores all along the path and thought “how many of these would I have taken shots of ?”. But in Santiago I nearly bought a camera, oh how I wanted some photos ..I was sent a link for an album of photos by a fellow walker and they were fine shots, a detailed day by day…but not my day by day..

The photos you see here on this site are just a selection and I provide a link to my picasa folders. As I will be walking on the Northern Route, by the sea, beaches and cliffs I look forward to bringing home some self timed snaps of me in the Bay of Biscay.

Una Dara

One Response to “Which camera will I bring with me ?”

  1. D.Matthew at 10:56 pm #

    I think that will be a good choice. I’ve been on the fence between a DSLR and something more compact. Trying to find the balance of weight and image quality is tough.

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