Links, sites, general reading sources

7 Mar

Following our Camino last year I have been asked to write a serialised account of our Camino experience for the Parish Newsletter. Some of the links I will provide are here.

I copied these from Gerald Kelly’s site

In English

There’s are lively forums for all your questions here and here.

The Canadian Company of Pilgrims have an excellent website with downloadable guides dealing with subjects like camping, luxury hotels, etc. They even have a recipes page! The American Pilgrims site is good too. Also the Confraternity of St Jamesfrom the UK now has some guides you can download and the Irish society has a good website. There’s also an excellent blog with tonnes of additional information here

In Spanish

One of the best from the Eroski group with information on everything and a lively forum. Mundi Camino is another site with loads of information. This is the website of the Amigos del Camino. The Jacobeo website has lots of information if you can find it. This one’s pretty flash with tonnes of information.

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