Camino Norte 2012

7 Mar

I arrive in Irun on 18th April and have a flight booked from Santiago to return home on 24th May. Between these dates I intend to walk. The path I choose is the Camino Norte, the Way of St.James, the Coastal Route. Those who know my daily habits won’t be surprised to hear that I hope to be able to swim in the Bay of Biscay as often as the camino allows.

There is great information available on Camino Forums regarding how to prepare. I have some guides/booklets and await the CSJ’s guides from the British Confraternity. I will miss not having JB’s super guide book and the Pila Pala book we carried for the Camino Frances, but neither have a Camino Norte guide. I won’t need them according to the experts. I do like my maps though, bit of a compulsion going here, but am not going to carry Michelin or other road maps.

The less you carry, the more you see.

I must re-read my Tao of Pooh, my 40 days spiritual guide to the Camino (ties in with the Lenten period) and other bits and pieces I have collected.

I need a rucksack as last year I borrowed one. I have new trail shoes and am walking most days. The sea is very cold but I am training for a long sea swim on the 25th March, for rehab.

Image Torres del Rio, 2011

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