Maybe we will be in Santiago in 8 days time!

6 Oct

Up date

Without checking my previous posts I am going to bring you up to date — I may miss some important things but I am sure at some stage I will post again. Today we are in Villafranca. We are now Judy “Denver”, Zusanna? Czech, Garry and I. We left Jose yesterday in EL Acebo.  (We walked on to Molinaseca, then through Ponferrada ? Villafranca we walked through it and stayed at the last hostel in town a private one. Then walked back in and ate at one of the square cafes..

Last one before O Ceb ..(well for us it was, 30kms).

Jose (did not want to do 30kms yesterday and knew that 30kms today again was a definite NO. So that is very sad for us, especially Garry as he was having such good fun teaching him English!

Now however he is teaching a young Czech Zusana, she however can´t understand a word he says and keeps giving out to him because he can´t speak English! oh my…did they exchange words! and we have told her she is insulting him! that if you said to a Spaniard that he couldn´t speak Spanish because you couldnt understand him…and she begins to understand?. Anyway she walks with him all day today and they enjoyed it.
Todays walk through villages and farms was beautiful, the last part through vineyards was tough but so beautiful. Yesterday was a great walk from Rabanal up to the Cruz, we left mementoes there for Mortice and for Brian, and we cried, and I have cried many times, not only because of pain but because of memories, thoughts, and the sheer wonder of being able to do this Camino.
We are also walking sometimes with Ed, of the magic patches, drug absorbing patches he gave to Garry and made him able to walk again.
The meseta took its toil on a lot of people. Many suffer from Shin splints, tendonitis, and tiredness. Also many people now are trying to put in big mileage. This is not a good idea as there is a lot of uphill and hence downhill too.
Photos are coming out good.
Sun is still shining, i am away from home now 31 days without a drop of rain, there is a wind tonight though, we may get blown off the mountain tomorrow!

One Response to “Maybe we will be in Santiago in 8 days time!”

  1. Fiona Donnelly at 11:05 am #

    Postcard arrived today. Nice. Glad to know you got my comments. You’ll be relieved to get to your road’s end but you won’t want to leave once you do. Take it all in. Let the wind blow you in the right direction.
    Your daughter has changed her name to Tazzy… I’d like to change mine but all I can think of is -old bag – appropriate fitting but not as flattering as I might wish for. What would you change your’s to? Now, that’s got me thinking.Asta maniana.

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