A Man in a Van and A day from Hell

30 Sep

Ok so this is not going to be easy reading and I may have to write it in small sections. I also have some photos now uploading as I am in a major city with good facilities and can stay on the pc until 9.30pm haha.
The days have been going well, tough but good, few blisters appearing, Garry´s knee and shin better/ish.
We walked Carrion over a long stretch without a bar for coffee or place for a rest, I have not been stopping to rest much now as my boots are very tight and the small plasters I have on make them tighter. I was at a low point and said to myself don´t worry the Camino will send me a sign – and it did we rounded the corner and there was a truck full of San Miguel, haha I thought that is my kind of sign.
As we turned round the next corner to enter the bar we saw almost every pilgrim who had started that morning seated outside and then some inside having a decent breakfast/lunch.
There was however! a van parked outside also, with a big red cross on it, the camino ambulance!. Garry said “get in the q and get your toes bandaged”. We could see others getting very good treatment.
So I did.
That man in the van bandaged one or two small ish blisters i had been treating myself. He then started looking at my heel and was talking to another man in the van!. Next minute you could have heard me screaming in greystones. Only for I was able to grab the back of the headrest I would have gone through the roof straight to heaven. Instead i ended up in hell/oh no I´m getting ahead of myself, this is only purgatory. I cried out loud, sobbing for a long time, and a another nice man! gave me a looly pop. Seriously, he said, because we now have a Spanish translator walking with us, i had a bad infection, he went in with a syringe, took out fluid, but then put a lot of antisceptic back into it, that is what “got me”. One large coffee, and coke later I walked on for 10kms-YES I DID:
And that night woke up at 11pm and called that great God above from the big white telephone for a solid 5 hours from the bathroom floor, I had food poisoning.
And still have the remants, I walked on 23kms the next day to a lovely parochial hostal where the gentle people assured me that I would not lose my spirit entirely if I took the bus to Leon.
So I am here in Leon resting up with my good friend Judy who was waiting for me at the door of the hostal even though she didn´t know I was coming.
Photos to follow.

3 Responses to “A Man in a Van and A day from Hell”

  1. Fiona Donnelly at 1:13 pm #

    Hi Una, I just read your last posts, thinking of the two of you…

    • unadara at 1:59 pm #

      Much better today can laugh a bit, not able to eat much and wine out of question!

  2. tara campbell at 8:25 pm #

    love it..your kind of sign!x

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