and the meseta begins

26 Sep

We are now walking with Jose from madrid the man who is teaching us Spanish and in exchange we are teaching him English, it was very funny! for me when he said Una you speak better English than Garry! oh oh! he is 65 and very good looking too, married at 23, 41 yrs and going to live in New york with his son for 6 months.

Last 2 days we have walked 30kms each day through glorious flat plains, and one or 2 very steep up-hills! we are very able now for the steep up-hills but the downs are getting the shins and knees.

The pueblos/villages still amaze, old churches, roows of stone houses and many old monasteries, cathedrals, ruins, all historic, cultural significance but we are not stopping to visit or take photos any more. The small churches in the villages are easy to visit at night and very beautiful too.

2 more days and we will be over half way. I am missing home and the sea now. The heat is relentless and garry having a hard time keeping the sun off his face and neck. I am putting my shawl under my hat.

Next stop Carrion, our place tonight is Boadilla and has a swimming pool/YES really and I might even get back in in the morning as tomorrow is a short day of 25km.

More photos might follow …

6 Responses to “and the meseta begins”

  1. Gav at 9:05 pm #

    I’d keep your opinions of other men’s looks to yourself!! Ha ha

    • unadara at 8:14 pm #

      I needed that, Dad is now walking with Jose, I am resting up after getting food poisoning. PLease mail me you all ok.

    • Yvonne at 9:43 pm #

      There is no harm in looking una!!!! haha

      • unadara at 4:14 pm #

        We left Jose behind today as he is very tired and the next few days are 30km each day. We are very upset, Garry in particular as he was having great fun speaking and learning spanish as he walked.

  2. Fiona Donnelly at 6:57 pm #

    Una, you must be keeping all your energy to get to the end cos you are certainly not wasting it by moving your fingers. Wednesday today…are you getting the positive energy I am sending you?

    • unadara at 6:48 pm #

      Fiona We are here, I have certainly received a lot of help to get here and we had a wonderful mass this am with an Archbishop and 9 other priests and the botafumereiro flying high! google it! Resting up now and going to swim in Finisterre sun/tues Thanks Una

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