We are now in Ages

23 Sep

Tiende typical small town supermercado

The supermercado or Tiende in the Bar/Restaurant what a treat

The last few days are a blur. Yesterday we finished walking early and I managed to do up an outline of where we have been and the distances between places etc. We finished early because we both limped in! Garry now has “his friend the pain” in his shin, it has moved from his knee. And I have “one” blister on my little toe, or my toe is a “blister”. Besides all that! we have completed 11 days and before today the total kms is 265 with 530 left to go. It is Friday now the 23rd. Because we have slowed down a little we are now meeting up again with some of our previous group, this is good. Judy “Denver” has moved on , we may yet meet up again as we are not too far behind her.
I think that it is difficult to write a blog while on the Camino.
The experience to date has been so complex it is hard to put into words and as garry says no one really wants to know we walked 30kms today and had pasta salad “again”.
We have been able to go to 3 masses in wonderful churches/cathedrals. The Spanish religion and community way of life on the Camino is amazing.
I uploaded lots of photos but the computer ran out of money and deleted them from my card at the same time! So I have some photos of the first day going over the pyrenees and some of Day 11 onwards. Most of the photos were of doors and churches and long and winding roads.
The people walking are a very mixed group. Lots of different nationalities, young, old!, gangs of Irish. All sleeping together in dorms is “fun” (not) but very cheap. Garry is disturbed by all the snoring. We have had 2 nice double rooms so far.

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