And the roadshow rolls on…

17 Sep

We have walked for 5 days now. Day 1 was spectacular when we reflect on the nature of the landscape we walked through. I don´t feel I did it justice in my first post. I don´t think I am going to be able to post photos. My card is an olypmus xd, I have the lead but the pcs don´t seem to have usb ports, but who knows I am learning all the time so I might learn this too!

We have met wonderful people and some wonderfully “weird” people too. There is a great story here re Father Ted and Mrs Doyle (from Cork) who we slept! with for the first 2 nights but I can´t tell it here. Suffice to say they are meant to be celebrating their 25yrs married and could easily have been divorced.
We are experiencing really unusual hot weather.
Day 2 Roncesvalles to Larassoana
It was raining when we set out in the dark but within minutes it stopped, the mist cleared and my coat came off and has been in the bag since, I have not even had to put on my light fleece at night time. We walked to Larassaona, stopping for food in Zubiri where we got bocadillos, fruit, beer and chocolate.
In Larrasaona we stayed in one of the overflow alberques. Every where was very busy, the accommodation was like a “garage with showers” for 2 people side by side, but we didn´t have to share, us ladies waited as there was not really much of a queue. Food again was very good, fish once more on the menu. Then onto Cizur Menor where we stayed with Maribel ? couldn´t praise it enough but there were many snorers. I am not sleeping much but perhaps enough. Garry has a bad knee but it is settling, my ankle keeps swelling up but it also is bearable. The heat is not helping.
I have to say I am not missing swimming (sorry!). The entire day is based on thinking about where you are, might be, something to eat/drink, no worries re sleeping, lots of choice. Last night we got a “private” room, like a hotel-36 euros/ over budget BUT..own bathroom and privacy. We are getting very intimate with people/close quarters.
We pass the “wine” fountain first thing tomorrow so that should be interesting, will we drink wine with our ham/cheese bocadillos, of course I WILL!. Wine here is lovely. Crianza, Rioja, I recommended a pacharan to an Irish woman who sings in the Dublin diocesan choir (they were in Lourdes), and she loved it but I haven´t had one yet.
The walking for me is very challenging at the moment but today I got to the top of a VERY steep hill without stopping and said to Garry, that was great! I loved the feeling of “a high” in more senses than one.

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