first day over

13 Sep

Sep 13th Roncevalles- no pictures yet We arrived here safely..despite the hurricane hitting flights out of Dublin and our first night in St Jean was very good. Weather here has been very hot and more forecast.
I was told in Lourdes that God might surprise me! but little did I realise that the surprises would come very early on.
I know garry will not read my blog so I can tell tales! We had a lovely dinner where all pilgrims introduced themselves-Garry siad "well as una has introduced herself all I need to say is I am Una’s "wife", that has now gone into the hostels diary….haha…

We went to bed early lights out at 10.30. We were asked to use phones only for alarms. A phone went off! Garry says merrily from his top bunk "rise and shine pilgrims" (there were 8 of us) and I said "whispering" why are you saying that..he said it’s time to get up..Oh no it isn’t it’s 1pm…we had only just got off into a deep sleep. Surprise No 1. Sun was very hot, a lot of serious climbing and we drank all of our water. Over 4km to go before next fountain and we were struggling, round the next bend , there is a man with a van (an oasis) cold drinks, hot tea and Water and a chance to sit in the shade for me for at least 10mins.
Day 1 good, lots and lots of Irish walking, couple from Skibbereen who are sharing bunks with us (we are getting to know each other well!) the lady even washed Garry’s socks..well i had my own to wash.
Good dinner tonight 6 of us and then the Cathedral for Mass and a Blessing for all pilgrims.
I will try and post some photos soon.
Una and Garry

3 Responses to “first day over”

  1. Toni at 1:34 pm #

    Were ever you go you find a good Cork woman, and God of course !

  2. Lourdes at 7:37 pm #

    Animo y buen camino peregrinos 🙂

  3. Fiona at 7:38 pm #

    Hope you are doing well after 3 days. Please tell Garry I’m thinking of him and all the times he drove me to Portlaoise. It’s thanks to him that I was able to continue my third level education. Be sweet to your feet. Mum is in good form. I’ll relay some of the stories.

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