Training ?

1 Sep

Walking to Bray and back ?. Walking from Crone Wood to Djouce and back home via Ballinastoe-a total of 7hrs and one massive blister ?.Walking from the house up and around the Glen of the Downs woods ? Walking to the top of the Little Sugarloaf and down into Greystones from the house (3hrs)?.

Over a period of some months I suppose you could say I’ve been training, but not with a rucksack and not sustained. Oh I did walk to Wicklow and back with a back pack one day, I had to get out of my boots and put on my sandals. It was a very hot day. I saw the dolphins at Kilcoole that day, had a lovely swim at Wicklow too. But decided not to do that again as the sand in the walking boots could be a real hazard on the Camino, once it gets in it’s hard to shake it out.

I am in a bit of a lull. No harm maybe ?. I have a few aches and pains so think resting up may be a good thing. I’m still doing my big swims though.

I am now finished the camino and can say I should have made the sun shine more in Wicklow and had more training in HOT weather conditions. But who knows, we could not have prepared for the Camino we received, so, advice, be prepared for the unexpected, you are guaranteed you will get it. Garry’s boots were worn out, from walking before we went and the Camino itself. Even though Garry got no blisters he got “bad knee” very early on. Shin splints too. So advice for these are (on the forums)..lots of isotonic drinks,  avoid too far/too fast syndrome..(we fell into that)… Be prepared to divert..from the plan, made at home, adjust to what is happening around you, enjoy.

The Little Sugarloaf

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