Preparation..8 years of it ? Maybe more ?

1 Sep

Twelve Bens-I completed a circuit from Ben Lettery in May 2010, wonderful views, wonderful day.

Eight years ago I started learning Spanish. 8 years ago I started hill-walking. I didn’t realise at the time there was a connection. I still can’t speak Spanish but yes I can walk. I love walking, being in the hills and the mountains of Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Last year I even went snow-shoeing in the Alps. I have also been to Nepal and Mt.Toubkal, Morroco.

Has any of this prepared me for my Camino?. I believe my Camino will require a different kind of preparation and I am slowly becoming more aware of the simplicities and the complexities of this.

I have read a few books. I have read a lot of advice on certain forums. ; ; And I have realised that you can maybe read too much. All the forums give advice on what equipment you need. Some people go without taking any advice and survive fine. After all it is a walk, there are alberques/hostals at frequent intervals and Spain is a modern civilised country.

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