The Tao of Pooh-Bear with me here!

30 Aug

I recently (re) discovered that on starting Spanish lessons in 2003 I stated the reason as “for walking the Camino”. Last night I (re) discovered that a book I keep in my bedside locker “The Tao of Pooh”, has a chapter within called “The Pooh Way”. I read it and smiled softly to myself. I then wrote the following extract on the first page of my camino journal.

“To know the Way,

We go the Way;

We do the Way

The way we do

The things we do.

It’s all there in front of you, But if you try too hard to see it, You’ll only become Confused.

I am me, And you are you, As you can see; But when you do The things you can do, You will find the Way, And the Way will follow you.”

The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff, Methuen, 1982.

“Things may get a little odd at times, but they work out. You don’t have to try very hard to make them work out; you just let them.”

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